Last updated: 19 marca 2024 r.

Since its first edition in 2013, charity has been an important aspect of the PKO Białystok Half Marathon.
During the 11th edition of the PKO Białystok Half Marathon, we will be fundraising for Ula. Why? Because Ula has been running with us for years. She has even won the event in her age group several times. Until recently, nobody had expected that our colleague, fellow runner, and friend would be tested by fate so intensely.💙

Ula was hospitalized with a carotid embolism, which blocked the blood supply to the brain and caused a very extensive right hemispheric ischaemic stroke. The blockage has not been removed despite the quick response and immediate medical help. Furthermore, after two weeks, Ula’s stroke haemorrhaged, which further aggravated her severe condition.

For a month, Ula was kept in a state of pharmacological coma at the University Clinical Hospital in Białystok. She spent the next month in the infectious diseases ward, suffering from pneumonia and a host of other bacterial infections. Subsequently, she was moved to the rehabilitation unit. Even though Ula is in a critical condition and has a massive paresis on her left side of her body, she is making progress. She courageously engages in training and starts using her body. She is unable to talk or eat, but we believe that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP AND TOGETHER WE WILL FIGHT TO THE END.

Ula is incredibly brave and has always been filled with energy, happiness, and affection for others. She is a loving mother of two wonderful girls – Patrycja and Oliwia, who miss her very much and look forward to her return home.

Ula loves to run. For 10 years, she has participated in various runs organized by the Białystok Biega Foundation and has inspired others with her passion. She was fond of swimming, cycling, dancing, reading books, and helping others. Now, it is time to help Ula!

She still needs a long and expensive treatment to get better, so she can enjoy life again. Ula will need great determination to complete this task, but also financial support. We are reaching out to you with a request to help us raise funds for her rehabilitation. Let’s bring back a smile to her face and allow her to run more than one half marathon with us!💪🏻

How can you help?
You can make a financial contribution during your registration or transfer an amount to the account of the Białystok Biega Foundation, with the note „Help for Ula.” All funds collected will be transferred to Ula for the purpose of her rehabilitation.
Account number: 15 1140 2017 0000 4702 1304 3240.
We believe in your open hearts and hope that together, we can help Ula get back on her feet.