Relay Race – Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 19 marca 2024 r.


The Organiser of 11th PKO Białystok Half Marathon, hereinafter referred to as the “Half Marathon”, is the Białystok Biega Foundation entered into the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000392164 with its registered office in Białystok.


  1. Promotion of running as the most basic form of movement.
  2. Promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyle.
  3. Promotion of volunteering.
  4. Promotion of Białystok as a city which is friendly to runners and active people.


  1. The Half Marathon will start in Białystok on May 12, 2024 at 10:00 AM.
  2. The detailed race course will be available on the website.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to change the course due to the recommendations of public authorities or the safety of participants.
  4. The start line shall be closed after about 15 minutes from the starter’s shot.
  5. Course length: 21.0975 km. The course will be PZLA certified.


  1. Participants are expected to finish the Half Marathon within net time limit of 3 hours and 30 minutes, measured from crossing the starting line.
  2. There is an additional time limit at 10 km of 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  3. Participants who fail to reach the finish line or 10 km within the time limit shall be asked to leave the race course.
  4. Participants remaining on course after the time limit has passed do so on their own risk and responsibility and shall observe the rules of road traffic safety and the provisions of the Civil Code. They shall not however be classified.


  1. There will be four nutrition points along the Half Marathon course. 
  2. There will be additional time checkpoints along the route. Any participant found shortening the route of the race or bypassing any of the checkpoints shall be disqualified.


  1. Only individuals who are 18 or older by May 12, 2024, are allowed to participate in the Half Marathon.
  2. The Organiser allows the start of participants on wheelchairs with direct manual drive. Only such wheelchairs will be classified. The Organiser does not allow the start of participants on wheelchairs with indirect drive (e.g. hand-bike) and rim-push type.
  3. In order to participate in the Half Marathon, it is necessary to fill in the registration form and pay the entry fee. Registration without payment is not possible. The registration form shall be submitted in electronic form. Paying the entry fee and submitting the registration form is equivalent to accepting these Terms & Conditions.
  4. Online applications are available until May 11, 2024 or until the participant limit is reached. Registrations will also be possible at the Race Office (May, 10-11 2024), subject to availability.
  5. The number of participants in the Half Marathon is limited to 2,500.
  6. All Half Marathon participants have to be verified at the Race Office. Race Office hours:
    • May 10 (Friday) 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    • May 11 (Saturday) 10:00 AM- 8:00 PM
    • May 12 (Sunday) 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM (it will not be possible to register for the race on this day).
  7. At the Race Office, participants will receive their race packs containing a race bib with an electronic timing chip.
  8. In order to pick up the race pack, participants will have to present at the Race Office their QR code and a photo ID.
  9. Race packs may be picked up by an authorized person (third person) upon presenting the participant’s QR code and a copy of the first page of an ID showing the participant’s name and surname (it is acceptable to present a photo on a mobile phone).
  10. During the race, all participants must have their bib attached to the front of their shirts. It is prohibited to cover the bib, whether in part or in whole, or to modify it (cut, bend, etc.) and may result in disqualification.
  11. It is not permitted to stay on the course of the Race without a valid bib. Persons without a valid bib will be removed from the course by the staff.
  12. Along the course, the participants are prohibited from being supported by third persons riding a bike, scooter or any other vehicle, under the pain of disqualification.


  1. In the starting zone, the participants shall be assigned to duly marked time zones.
  2. The participants shall be assigned to the starting zones according to the predicted Half Marathon completion time declared at registration.
  3. The starting zone shall be marked on the participant’s race bib:
    • zone A – elite runners
    • zone B – declared completion time less than 1:35
    • zone C – declared completion time between 1:35 – 1:44
    • zone D –  declared completion time between 1:45 – 1:54
    • zone E – declared completion time between 1:55 – 2:09
    • zone F – declared completion time above 2:10
  4. The Organizer may decide on a wave start for each zone.


  1. The participant of the race shall cover the entry fee, which may vary according to the time of payment and the selected race package.
    1. Standard package
      • 119 PLN – if paid by January 31, 2024,
      • 139 PLN – if paid between 1  February and 31 March 2024,
      • 159 PLN – if paid between 1 and 30 April 2024,
      • 169 PLN – if paid between 1 and 9 May 2024. 
      • 180 PLN – if paid at the Race Office (subject to the availability).
    2. Weekend package (participation in both races – PKO Bialystok Half Marathon and PKO Run for 5)
      • 159 PLN – if paid by January 31, 2024,
      • 179 PLN – if paid between 1 February and 31 March 2024,
      • 209 PLN – if paid between 1 and 30 April 2024,
      • 219 PLN – if paid between 1 May 2024,
      • 230 PLN – if paid at the Race Office (subject to the availability).
    3. Payments must be made during the registration process via secure online payments.
    4. Payment may also be made directly to the Białystok Biega Foundation’s bank account: 15 1140 2017 0000 4702 1304 3240. In case of a direct bank transfer, it is necessary to include in payment description the participant’s name, surname together with the note “Half Marathon”, followed by an e-mail sent to A registration code will be sent by e-mail.
    5. Participants born in 1964 or before are entitled to 50% discount on the entry fee at the standard package price applicable at the time of registration. The discount applies only to the entry fee. Additional purchases, such as T-shirt, medal engraving, etc., are payable in full. The discount is calculated automatically when you enter your date of birth.
    6. Entry fee is waived for disabled participants. In order to be registered free of charge, the disabled participants shall submit a document to prove their disability via e-mail at The entry fee waiver applies to standard package only.
    7. The entry fee is non-refundable.
    8. It is possible to transfer a race pack to another participant. Participants may transfer their race fee by logging in to their account at The race fee is transferrable until May 10, 2024. The participant who receives the race fee is obliged to register within two days from when the transfer is made.
    9. It shall not be possible to transfer the race fee to another person in the Race Office on the race day (May 14)!


    1. Participants declare they have read and fully accepted these Terms & Conditions.
    2. Participants agree to be given first aid or other lifesaving medical procedures as well as being transported to a safe place by medical or paramedical personnel acting on behalf of the Organiser.
    3. Participants declare they are able to participate in the Race and are not aware of any health reasons excluding them from the Race. Participants acknowledge that participation in the Race is associated with physical effort and entails a natural risk of accident, physical injury, as well as damage to or loss of property. Moreover, participation in the Race may be associated with other unforeseeable risk factors. By accepting these Terms & Conditions participants declare they have considered all the risks connected with the Race and decide to participate voluntarily and on their sole responsibility.
    4. All decisions made by medical personnel regarding participants’ ability to start or continue the Race are final and irrevocable.
    5. The Organiser recommends carrying out suitable medical tests and examinations to exclude any health issues which might prevent participants from taking part in the Half Marathon.


    1. The Half Marathon shall feature the following main classifications:
      1. General classification (women and men),
      2. Classification of the Fastest Poles,
      3. Classification of the Fastest Residents of Podlaskie province,
      4. Age classifications (determined by year of birth):
        • K-20 (Women), M-20 (Men) (2006-1995)
        • K-30, M-30 (1994 – 1985)
        • K-40, M-40 (1984-1975)
        • K-50, M-50 (1974-1965)
        • K-60, M-60 (1964 – 1955)
        • K-70, M-70 (1954 and before)
      5. ADDITIONAL CLASSIFICATIONS. Participants may take part in only one additional classification, which has to be chosen during the registration process. It shall not possible to change additional classification in the Race Office or after the race. Additional classifications:
        1. Academic – for students, lecturers and academic staff,
        2. Uniformed services – The classification is intended for people who serve or work at uniformed services,
        3. Medical Employees – a classification designed for those who work in the medical profession in accordance with the current law.
        4. Entrepreneurs and Business People – classification dedicated to business owners (including sole proprietorship) as well as members of management boards and supervisory boards,
        5. Classification of participants on wheelchairs– participants in this classification are excluded from other classifications. The Organiser allows the start of participants on wheelchairs with direct manual drive. Only participants on such wheelchairs will be classified.
      6. The general classifications will be based on individual net times counted from crossing the start line. The exception is the first 50 people crossing the finish line – they will be classified on the basis of official times (gross – counted from the starter shot). Shall there be not at least 5 men and 5 women among the first 50 people at the finish line, the number of 50 people will be increased accordingly to include them.  
      7. Participants finishing without their starting numbers and timing chips shall not be classified.


      1. All participants who finish the Half Marathon within the time limit shall receive a commemorative medal at the finish line.
      2. There shall be official podium prize ceremonies for:
        • 1st – 3rdplace winners in general classification 
        • 1st – 3rd place winners in the classification of the Fastest Poles
        • 1st – 3rd place winners in the classification of the Fastest Residents of Podlaskie province
        • 1st – 3rd place winners in the classification of the wheelchair riders
        • 1st – 3rd place winners in additional classifications
        • 1st – 3rd place winners in the age categories
      3. Financial prizes:
        • General classification (women and men),
        • Classification of the Fastest Poles (women and men)
        • The prize amounts shall be announced at a later date.
      4. An additional financial prize of 2,000 PLN will be awarded for setting a new record for the PKO Białystok  Half Marathon course. Current course records: 1:03:41 (men),  1:12:46 (women).
      5. Financial prizes won during the Half Marathon shall be transferred by bank transfer within 14 days from the date of the race. The prizes shall not be paid out in cash. In accordance with applicable regulations, income tax shall be deducted from financial prizes.
      6. Written protests regarding race results shall be accepted by May 13, 2024 via e-mail sent to Final and official results shall be published once all the received protests and complaints have been investigated.
      7. Protests regarding podium places shall be submitted to the Chief Referee directly before prize ceremony (15 minutes before the ceremony at the latest).
      8. Any changes in the classification standings due to correction of results after decoration ceremonies shall not give rise to any claims to prizes.
      9. The Organiser reserves the right to offer additional prizes in categories and classifications of the Organiser’s choice, whether in kind or financial, and to introduce additional classifications.


  1. For safety reasons, no bicycles, inline skates, roller blades, skateboards, etc. shall be allowed at the Half Marathon course (excluding the race staff). It is forbidden to bring to the race course any items that may be dangerous to other participants, including Nordic Walking poles. Participants are obliged to comply with all the rules and regulations that apply to the race, in particular to observe the rules of fair-play and these Terms & Conditions.
  2. Bag check. Participants may check their gear at a specially designated place. In order to claim their belongings, participants will have to show their bib. In case a participant loses their bib, the Organiser shall not be responsible for other person claiming their check bag. Note: participants are advised not to leave any valuables in check bags, as the Organiser shall not be responsible for any lost items.
  3. After the race, participants will be offered free massages.
  4. The Organiser is insured against civil liability in respect of race participants.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to send race participants information about the Half Marathon and other events organised or co-organised by the Organiser, as well as for internal administrative and analytical needs.
  6. The Organiser and its related entities reserve the right to interview, photograph and/or film participants, as well as use their names, image and voice and other materials originated from or related to their participation in the race for advertising and promotional purposes, including the use on the Internet and radio or television broadcasts, and for any other commercial purposes with the right to modify them.
  7. The Organiser and its related entities reserve the right to exploit free of charge any photographs, film materials, interviews and recordings of participants, which may free of charge be used on selected electronic storages, catalogues and various types of media – television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites – for any advertising and promotional purposes.
  8. Participants declare that the Organiser shall not be obliged to pay any fees related to the activities described in points 6 and 7 of this section, thereby granting the Organiser unlimited license to use their statements and information without notice in order to advertise and promote the race.
  9. The Organiser reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions. Any changes to these Terms & Conditions shall be published on the race’s website.
  10. In any matter not covered by these Terms & Conditions, the Organiser shall decide.
  11. Should any of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions be declared null and void or unenforceable, whether in full or part, all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.