Podlaskie for the weekend

Last updated: 4 maja 2023 r.

Dear runners, dear supporters! Since you have decided to visit us, we encourage you to stay a bit longer and get familiar with our beautiful region. Set aside sports emotions and slow down, at least for a while.

Discover the secrets of Eastern Poland.

Let us take you to some marvellous and interesting places. Take your time and unwind in the Białowieża Forest. Take a deep breath and decompress amid the soothing landscape of the woods, streams and fields dotted with quirky wooden houses. Just close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature. Indulge in the mysterious, earthy aroma of old wood in the picturesque Orthodox churches. Get a sense of the perfect harmony which embraces the local people and nature. Immerse in the world of different traditions and cultures.

Deep inside the forest, its green heart beats to its own rhythm. Align to it and feel the natural beat. Pay a visit to the Białowieża Forest – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Kingdom of River Biebrza is another spot to delve into the sounds of nature.

Being close to nature means to discover and respect it, immerse in its beauty and enjoy its glamour. The Biebrza National Park offers such an opportunity. It’s bursting with life! Explore it. Step into the world of plants, forest organisms, and animals. Experience this unique water world and its attractions, and enjoy the wonderful culture, cultivated by the locals. A magical weekend in such a place will remain in your heart forever.

The marvellous vistas.

Perhaps you might decide to go further up to the north of our region?

Explore the most scenic part of Podlaskie. Visit the northern part of the Suwałki region, where everything catches the eye. It is the post-glacial, hilly terrain that makes such stunning vistas. Marvel at the charming lakes which dot the landscape. Indulge in these wonderful views and the region’s most extensive forests. Your weekend here is sure to be unforgettable. In winter, the area is perfect for skiing.

In summer, embark on a water adventure and try water-skiing in Augustów.

It is a place where civilization borders on pristine nature. As you enter the town, you get carried away by a whirlwind of adventure. Get off city limits and immerse in the endless greenery of a primaeval forest. Your days in Augustów will be full of fun, laughter and adrenaline. Be prepared for all things extreme. The water adventure awaits!

A mixture of cultures.

If you decide to visit the immediate vicinity of Białystok, take a closer look at a town located on the Narew River. Tykocin is a place veiled in history. It is virtually everywhere – in monuments, streets, and buildings. This scenic town still lives by ancient Jewish traditions. Tykocin’s noteworthy architecture features a grand synagogue. This serene and welcoming town will offer you peace and a truly royal hospitality.

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The Podlaskie Regional Tourist Organisation has prepared a special folder full of interesting ideas how to spend your weekend in Podlaskie.