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Bialystok – Take a deep breath.


Bialystok – the largest city in northern-eastern Poland and the capital of the Podlaskie Voivodeship with a population of 300,000. It is located in the area called the Green Lungs of Poland

Approximately 32% of its area is green. Parks and squares, as well as 1,800 hectares of forests within the city limits, create a unique and healthy microclimate. Within the city, there are two nature reserves with a total surface area of 105 hectares. The municipal agglomeration neighbours the Narew National Park. The close proximity of nature reserves to an urban area is part of the city’s unique appeal. Thanks to these advantages, in 1993 Białystok was the first city in Poland to become part of the Healthy Cities Network international project organised by World Health Organization (WHO). 

Bialystok is an excellent place to visit for anyone interested in multiculuralism and the various religions that can be found in the Podlasie region. The different nationalities, cultures, and religions of the local people, as well as the picturesque landscapes, make this region unique.

It is worth spending a few days in Bialystok. There are so many attractions to enjoy. Perhaps you would like to go for a stroll to discover the history of the renowned Branicki family, admire some wooden architecture or explore old Bialystok manufactures? 

Maybe you only have 30 minutes to explore Bialystok? Don’t worry. You can take a short trip during which you will learn more about the multicultural spirit of the city that was birthplace of Ludwik Zamenhof, the man who invented the Esperanto language. The main places of interest are located close to one another in the city centre.

Take a stroll and admire:

  • An impressive cathedral which comprises an Old Parish Church and Minor Basilica which is actually larger than the church
  • The place where Ludwik Zamenhof’s house used to stand.
  • The street where young Ludwik used to go for walks, as well as the Zamenhof bust.
  • The main Eastern Orthodox Church of Bialystok – St Nicholas Cathedral.
  • The former location of the Great Synagogue  – the largest in the history of pre-war Białystok.

Regardless of whether you will decide to stay a few days or just one to participate in the run, we’ll be happy to welcome you and be your hosts so that you have a chance to soak in the atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind city. We therefore have the honour to invite you to participate in this award-winning and renowned run event.
Take a deep breath.